Vermillion VR | SpeedPaint | AI Training | Bob Ross Tree

General / 21 August 2022

Using Vermillion VR to paint a Bob Ross tree. I created this speedpaint video a short while ago in virtual reality, using the Quest 2. Vermillion VR has become one of my favorite tools to create underpaintings which I can then take into other applications for post-production.

I have also been experimenting with Vermillion and AI by painting certain styles and training AI. That cycles back into new concepts and copyright-free reference images based on my own work for even more paintings. This has solved a big issue that I have had in the past with creating quick compositions that I actually want to paint.

I'm still hoping to see an export option in Vermillion VR for PNG with transparency soon. That would make isolated artwork, like this Bob Ross tree, much easier to print on other products besides wall art.

Of course, this is not sponsored in any way, so here is a link to the software if interested: Vermillion VR